Before miniature sculptors used computer-aided design

Is it just me, or did Dungeons & Dragons miniatures grow over time?

Ghoul (Harbinger 2003) and Ravenous Ghoul (Desert of Desolation 2007)

Troll (Harbinger 2003), Troll Slasher (Angelfire 2005), Bladerager Troll (Dangerous Delves 2009), and War Troll (Legendary Evils 2009)

Sometimes I run across miniatures that do not fit the scale.

Yuan-Ti Champion of Zahir (large), Gargoyle (medium), Magma Hurler (medium), and Flesh Golem (large)

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  1. Absolutely the scale on minis has gone up. I don’t mind so much with regard to monsters – since size can vary across any race of creatures. It is harder to justify with PC minis. Some of the original Ral Partha minis are downright diminutive compared to newer lines, such as Dark Heaven.

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