Fifth-edition Dungeons & Dragons spell, special ability, and rules reference sheets

When I run fifth-edition Dungeons & Dragons games, I find myself constantly turning to the Player’s Handbook to see if some spell requires an attack roll or a save. Then I close the book and realize that I forgot to check the damage. At the end of the session, I tally experience and every player wants to know how much they need to level. Back to the book.

quick reference thumbnailAce dungeon master and D&D Championship teammate Tom Christy comes to the rescue with a set of compact reference sheets. One pair of sheets covers spells and special abilities. Another sheet somehow includes every rule in the game, with space remaining for a list of Forgotten Realms holidays. (I’m not kidding about the holidays; I may be exaggerating about all the rules, but I cannot be certain.)

You can download the sheets here.

D&D 5E spell and special ability reference (PDF)

D&D 5E quick reference (PDF)

The sheets include the following abbreviations:

B = bonus
C = concentration
S = self
T = touch
cr = creature
obj = object
D = duration
AD = advantage
DA = disadvantage
lv = level
/ = or
+ = and
Neg = negates
Thp = temp hp
SS/DS/… = Strength Save, Dex Save, etc.
SC/DC/… = Strength Check, Dex Check, etc.

Update: Sheets updated January 2, 2015

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8 Responses to Fifth-edition Dungeons & Dragons spell, special ability, and rules reference sheets

  1. Don Holt says:

    “and every player wants to know how much they need to level.”

  2. Sean Burke says:

    Hi David,
    Most excellent sheets. With the DMG being released a couple of days ago, will version 2 have revised page refs? Happy to help Tom if needs be?
    Sean (DM DoomWheel from Australia)

  3. Tom says:

    Hi Sean, I plan to make updates about 1/month as I collect more. If you see any errors or omissions, let me know at

    I’ll share updates with David too.

  4. Scott says:

    Tom, this is impressive work. Thank you!

    David, thanks for the share. I am a newer visitor to your site – I have to say I am quite pleased with the content you have here. Keep it coming!

  5. Mark Ainsworth says:

    Absolutely great! Thanks so much for your efforts on this. I’ve started a spread sheet of all the spells which is nice for filtering and such, but this is much handier for actual game play!

  6. Olle says:

    The spell list would be amazing IF it was complete (quite a few spells from PHB missing) and if the abbreviations were included in the document. If you were to update it i would use it all the time in my sessions!

  7. Jon Hill says:

    Hey David,

    I wanted to show you these 5e action cards that I made. They are very much for newbies, but everybody has to start somewhere. Feel free to link as a resource.

    Cards with crop marks:
    Cards without crop marks:

  8. kosovodad says:

    Hey, these are cool. Thank you VERY much.

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