Fifth-edition Dungeons & Dragons spell, special ability, and rules reference sheets

When I run fifth-edition Dungeons & Dragons games, I find myself constantly turning to the Player’s Handbook to see if some spell requires an attack roll or a save. Then I close the book and realize that I forgot to check the damage. At the end of the session, I tally experience and every player wants to know how much they need to level. Back to the book.

quick reference thumbnailAce dungeon master and D&D Championship teammate Tom Christy comes to the rescue with a set of compact reference sheets. One pair of sheets covers spells and special abilities. Another sheet somehow includes every rule in the game, with space remaining for a list of Forgotten Realms holidays. (I’m not kidding about the holidays; I may be exaggerating about all the rules, but I cannot be certain.)

You can download the sheets here.

D&D 5E spell and special ability reference (PDF)

D&D 5E quick reference (PDF)

The sheets include the following abbreviations:

B = bonus
C = concentration
S = self
T = touch
cr = creature
obj = object
D = duration
AD = advantage
DA = disadvantage
lv = level
/ = or
+ = and
Neg = negates
Thp = temp hp
SS/DS/… = Strength Save, Dex Save, etc.
SC/DC/… = Strength Check, Dex Check, etc.

Update: Sheets updated January 2, 2015

8 thoughts on “Fifth-edition Dungeons & Dragons spell, special ability, and rules reference sheets

  1. Sean Burke

    Hi David,
    Most excellent sheets. With the DMG being released a couple of days ago, will version 2 have revised page refs? Happy to help Tom if needs be?
    Sean (DM DoomWheel from Australia)

  2. Scott

    Tom, this is impressive work. Thank you!

    David, thanks for the share. I am a newer visitor to your site – I have to say I am quite pleased with the content you have here. Keep it coming!

  3. Mark Ainsworth

    Absolutely great! Thanks so much for your efforts on this. I’ve started a spread sheet of all the spells which is nice for filtering and such, but this is much handier for actual game play!

  4. Olle

    The spell list would be amazing IF it was complete (quite a few spells from PHB missing) and if the abbreviations were included in the document. If you were to update it i would use it all the time in my sessions!


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