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A spot in the Great Blog Role Call, plus Dungeon Tile reference pages

I once asked fellow-blogger Radiating Gnome about how he wrote to maximize page views. He told me his most-read posts included disagreeable material that inspired readers to tell him just how wrong he was (not that I’ve known him to be wrong). Since then, I’ve wondered if I failed to stake out enough controversy in this blog. As if to calm my concerns, Charles Akins at Dyvers cites DM David as a blog he tends to argue with. Thanks for the mention Charles! And thanks for compiling a trove of blogs for me to explore. (Someone needs to devise an easy way to catch up on a blog in chronological order.)

Enhanced Dungeon Tiles Gallery

I enhanced my gallery of Dungeon Tiles sets with reference pages devoted to each set, starting with the first.

DT2 Arcane Corridors sample dungeon 1

DT2 Arcane Corridors sample dungeon 1

This addition reveals my glaring lack of photos for any of the three master tiles sets.
I punched and scrambled my own copies of the master sets before I thought of my photo gallery. I’m reluctant to buy second copies, because I seem to have a lot of dungeon tiles already. So I’m calling for help. If you have an unpunched copy of a master set that you could photograph for this reference, please let me know in the comments.

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