Use a White Paint Pen to Label Miniatures

I suspect most folks organize their miniatures by category. Teos “Alphastream” Abadia explains this approach, along with recommendations for storage options. I organize by set, and then use a resource like MinisCollector to find the figures I need. But unlike the older Wizards of the Coast miniatures, the newer WizKids miniatures lack any label that reveals their set. To help organize these figures, I write the set’s initials on the bases using a white, fine-tipped Sharpie paint pen.

Bonus tips: Use a white paint pen to label your wall-wart power blocks so you know what device they power. Also, if you become a famous artist and need to sign your glossy prints, the paint pen works beautifully.

1 thought on “Use a White Paint Pen to Label Miniatures

  1. Jon Mattison

    Great tip. I play Warhammer 40k and have long used a silver sharpie to mark my squads under their bases since I build them and distribute poses across squads: 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C depending on reasons.

    I’ve also marked power bricks for years. As good as I try to keep item+brick together, inevitably they will get separated and having them marked is invaluable.


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